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Natural, gradual improvement of facial tone with long lasting results is what Sculptra is best known for.

Get Better with Time, Like a Fine Wine

A contoured face with fullness and youthful skin is aesthetically appealing, but not everyone is fortunate enough to have this naturally. On top of that, as time goes by skin tends to lose its shine and volume and begins to sag, which can lead to looking tired or older than you are. Sculptra is a highly effective method of treating these woes and reviving your appearance.

Sculptra is a dermal filler that restores lost volume and provides a gradual yet significant improvement in skin thickness. This reduces the appearance of facial fine lines and folds. Unlike some other types of injectables, Sculptra continues to improve your skin over time and its results can last for up to 2 years.

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is made of poly-L-lactic acid. It is a dermal injection that is approved by the FDA to treat wrinkles, fine lines, and give volume to the skin. Sculptra is a collagen stimulator, a fibrous protein which helps to support the structure of the skin. Sculptra helps in the production of collagen required by the body. Unlike other dermal injections, Sculptra is a gradual process, and it does not make an overnight fix. Since it is a continuous process, it is less noticeable that the patient has had any work done. It helps correct the unwanted wrinkles and fine lines on the cheeks, on the temples, around the eyes, around the mouth and the edges of the face.


The Sculptra Experience

The procedure for Sculptra starts with a consultation with our doctor at Innovative MedSpa in Chicago. Based on your medical history, present medical condition, and allergies, your doctor will determine if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. A treatment plan is then created based on the depth of wrinkles, folds, and skin volume lost. The treatment plan will include the injection site and the amount of Sculptra to be injected. 

During the procedure, the targeted site is cleaned with an antiseptic, and an anesthetic cream is applied to numb the area, which helps to reduce any discomfort you may feel while Sculptra is being injected. Based on the treatment plan, Sculptra is injected deep under the skin using an ultra-needle. The doctor will suggest post-treatment care to be followed to avoid any side effects.

Why Should You Consider Sculptra?

Sculptra has several benefits that include the following:

  • The Poly-L-lactic acid in Sculptra helps the body to create collagen that is lost due to aging or illness. 
  • It diminishes the appearance of smile lines, marionette lines, wrinkles around the chin, and restores the fullness of the face.
  • It adds volume to the temple area on the face, without the risk of an unnatural overfilled look. 
  • Poly-L-Lactic acid stimulates the body’s natural process for creating collagen, which helps support the structure of the skin.
  • With Sculptra, patients can choose the volume they desire as it is a gradual process, and the treatment can be stopped when the desired result is attained.
  • Since it is an ongoing process, it gives more natural results compared to dermal fillers.
  • The results of Sculptra last for up to two years or more. As it stimulates the cells to produce collagen, the results last longer than other competitors in the market.
  • The downtime for this procedure is comparatively lower compared to other treatments
  • The patient can get a youthful appearance without others noticing that a treatment has been taken.
  • It can be used to treat wrinkles and folds, as well as to add volume.

Wondering if Sculptra is Right for You?

Are you interested in Sculptra treatment? Then before you visit a doctor, answer the following:

  • Are you under 18 years of age?
  • Do you have a history of keloid formation or hypertrophic scarring?
  • Are you pregnant, lactating, or planning to get pregnant?
  • Do you use blood thinners, or have bleeding problems?
  • Do you have a history of scarring?
  • Have you had any recent facial surgery?
  • Do you have a cyst, an injury, infection, sore, abscess in the area to be treated?

If you answer yes to any of the questions above, Sculptra may not be the best option for you, but during your initial consultation you can discuss alternate options with your practitioner. If you answer no, you should know that the Sculptra treatment should always be administered under a trained and experienced practitioner such as those at Innovative Med Spa. If you are interested in getting Sculptra, give us a call at Innovative MedSpa. Our doctors and staff are well experienced to ensure your safety and premium results.



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