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Who doesn’t want to look and feel beautiful? Feeling beautiful gives a positive feeling about life. People who are happy with how they look tend to live a happy and long life. But not everyone is blessed with healthy, flawless skin or a well-sculpted body. You must earn that with healthy eating and exercise. A healthy lifestyle can give you everything from beautiful skin, voluminous hair, to a well-sculpted body.

Genetics, certain medical conditions, and the ravages of time and the environment can cause undesired features or characteristics in terms of how you look. These factors may lead to unhealthy skin, early skin aging, fat accumulation, among others. In such cases, as the premier Medspa Lincoln Park has to offer, we can help with our extensive scope of cosmetic and aesthetic procedures.


At Innovative MedSpa, we offer a medical aesthetics facility to everyone who is looking for a solution against aging. We use cutting-edge technology for all our anti-aging treatments as well as for sculpting a gorgeous body. We believe in providing the best service you deserve. Our products and services can benefit you with all your aesthetic needs, and our state of the art equipment will provide the best in class service for all your needs. Our quality service will ensure that everyone who walks out of our spa, leaves extremely satisfied. 

At Innovative MedSpa, we offer medical grade procedures for all your aesthetic needs. Our services are individually planned for an overall makeover with exact attention to detail. Our talented and courteous staff are here to help you in every way possible.

Innovative MedSpa is located in Chicago, Illinois. We are proud to be a part of an innovative medical spa launched by Dr. Rahul Khare, who introduced new approaches to deliver quality medical care, even without the use of advanced technology. The incredibly talented Dr. Rahul Khare led a team of medical service providers to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti in January 2010. His determination to provide critical medical care under pressure and lack of technology resulted in the launch of our Lincoln Park Medspa.

We are proud to be a family of extremely skilled, trained, and experienced health providers led by Jessica Jurkovic and Dr. Rahul Khare. Our team of excellent doctors, primary care providers, and trained staff will guide you through the service that is the best and most suitable for you. Our mission is to give you an ageless look with good health that will make you look and feel younger.

The right treatment can make all the difference.

Jessica Jurkovic is a certified nurse injector with more than 15 years of experience. She started her career in the Emergency Room at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and worked there for more than ten years alongside Dr. Rahul Khare. Jessica became passionate about the aesthetics industry while she worked in surgery. Her passion led her to pursue advanced training in medical and aesthetic injections and specializes in neuromodulators.

She believes in individual attention and her passion for perfection ensures that her patients not only look beautiful but feel beautiful as well. Her personalized approach, combined with medical expertise and artistic abilities is the key to fulfill the aesthetic desires of all her patients.


We also offer laser aesthetic services that make use of cutting-edge technology such as the Cynosure Palomar laser for laser skin resurfacing and the Vectus Laser Hair Removal device for laser hair removal. We only use cutting-edge technology and best-in-class practices for all services we provide.


Wrinkles and fine lines are the most common and first signs of aging. Left untreated, these wrinkles will increase in depth and make you look older. As you age, your facial muscles start to lose their dexterity, and your skin starts to sag, especially on the cheeks, eyelids and near the jawline. Lips are no longer plump and wrinkles can form around the lips. Injectables such as Botox, Juvederm, Belotero and Kybella, among others, can help diminish these signs of aging and make you look years younger.


We offer a wide variety of treatments, including treatments for hair, as well as skin resurfacing, chemical peels, micro-needling, and acne treatment. With our treatments, you can say goodbye to dull and aged facial skin. We also offer treatments for hyperhidrosis. Our hyperhidrosis therapy can help you regain lost confidence and let you enjoy your social life.


With several treatments and injectables available for a youthful appearance, you can be sure that you will look years younger before you leave our premises. But the perfect appearance is incomplete without a perfect body, which you can also possibly achieve with our body contouring services. At Innovative MedSpa, we pay great attention to detail and as a result we always consider your overall aesthetic goals. To find out more about our services or to schedule a consultation with the premier Medspa Lincoln Park has to offer, reach out to us today.


Schedule a consultation with us and experience true professionalism and care in every treatment we perform. We are the top Lincoln Park Medspa, come in and see why.

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