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You’ve heard of dermaplaning on social media, and you’re probably wondering what all the “fuzz” is about. Dermaplaning has a variety of benefits and helps exfoliate the skin, improving cell turn-over rate. The aesthetician uses a sterilized surgical blade to gently shave off the top layer of skin. This helps to remove dead skin cells, oil, bacteria, as well as vellus hairs, known as “peach fuzz”. 

Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider adding dermaplane to your next service.

Helps Restore your Complexion 

After your dermaplaning treatment you may notice that your skin appears to be much more radiant, almost immediately! At Innovative Medspa, we offer this treatment as an add-on service to other facial services or as a stand-alone treatment. Dermaplane is great for any skin type and can be added to services like the Hydrafacial or Chemical Peel giving your skin a luminous and more even complexion.

Improves Skin’s Texture

Dermatologists praise this treatment for its ability to give skin a more youthful, smooth, and brighter appearance. Dermaplane is one of the most effective treatments for exfoliating the skin. This makes it the perfect treatment for helping to get rid of textural issues, such as enlarged pores and stubborn acne scars. The recommendation is to receive treatment at least once a month to see full results. In accelerating the cell turnover rate, the accumulation of dead skin cells and oil build-up is fairly reduced, leading to clearer skin.

Softens Fine Lines & Wrinkles

This treatment is also considered preventative for wrinkles. With regular removal if dead skin cells and impurities, fine lines and wrinkles are less likely to form. For existing wrinkles, regular dermaplaning can help soften the appearance of fine lines.

Helps Ease Hyperpigmentation

Dermaplaning is also highly beneficial for easing hyperpigmentation issues. When the top layer of dead skin cells are being removed frequently, it gives the body more of a chance to produce newer, less pigmented cells. Over time this can substantially reduce signs of discoloration – such as melasma, dark spots, or age spots. 

Boosts Cosmetic Product Application(s)

Frequent dermaplaning treatments boost the penetration of topical products by providing a blank canvas. Once vellus hairs are removed during treatment, products such as make-up, moisturizers, and self tanners glide on skin more smoothly and evenly. Dead skin cells sit on the surface of the skin, typically falling off naturally. Unfortunately these cells do not fall off simultaneously resulting in a patchy appearance.

Following treatment, apply both an SPF as well as a hydrating serum/moisturizer religiously. The Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar is perfect for complementing the results of dermaplane, as it also works to further improve all of the above signs of aging – voted “Best Moisturizer for Mature Skin 2021” by Women’s Health. 

When all is said and done, dermaplaning has a variety of benefits. Dermaplaning is not recommended at home, there is a risk of injury to the skin as well as drying it out. Performed incorrectly, dermaplaning can result in tiny cuts on the skin’s surface. These cuts are susceptible to bacteria and can cause more breakouts.

If you want to give dermaplaning a try, here’s your chance! Mention code: FUZZ511 to receive a FREE dermaplaning add-on with your next Innovative Medspa facial service!

 *Limit one per person*

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*Expires August 31st, 2022*

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